The Metalshop

This program calculates the gear positions for cutting threads on the Mini Lathe. For each desired thread pitch it calculates all of the possible combinations and displays those that work within a reasonable error. Written by Al Harral on Bethel Island, CA.

Al added the additional 21T gear to the standard gear set. If you don't have the 21T gear, please ignore those setting which include it.

The original was written in BASIC. It was converted to PHP by Vince Vielhaber.

Inch or Metric lead screw? Inch     Metric

Currently available gears
120 Teeth
220 Teeth
330 Teeth
435 Teeth
540 Teeth
640 Teeth
745 Teeth
850 Teeth
955 Teeth
1057 Teeth
1160 Teeth
1265 Teeth
1380 Teeth
1480 Teeth

Number of teeth on an
additional gear (0 for none)
Calculate Inch or Metric? Inch     Metric
Desired TPI or MM Pitch

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